A friend’s day to us involves a day of fun and social activities with our friends. As a team, we always love a day of fun. In relation to our new partnerships with the brands Kintobe and GOYOGI. Our friend’s day was an opportunity for our team, to meet our new friends. We care for our partnerships as our friends. We believe it is important to create personal relations with our friends for a successful partnership. Meeting our new friends was the main purpose of the day. Along with the opportunity to have some fun together. Therefore, our friend’s day started out with a trip to Copenhagen. 


The main purpose of our friend's day was to meet our new friends from Kintobe and GOYOGI. Therefore, the day started with a meeting with each brand. In order to feel and see the essence behind the brands. For us, it is important to know the core nature of a brand. For instance, to gain knowledge about the most important qualities and significant values.

Kintobe and GOYOGI share the values of care for the people and our planet. Both brands are striving to be sustainably focused and mindful in all processes. Together we share the obligation to pursue environmental and social sustainability. 


As a part of our friend's day trip, we also had fun together as a team. We believe in great realtions and friendships. It is an important value for us to enjoy each day together as a team. Bringng the team together to have fun makes everyday more fun. It is important for us to get free with each other and socialize together. Team day experiences are important to us and for our dynamics as a team.

An important part of a team day is to be away from the office in a new environment. After meeting our new friends, our first stop was at a wine bar. This encouraged some real-time conversations. Next, we stopped to try the experience of an escape room. For this challenge, we had to solve puzzles and hidden clues to escape. In other words, our personal skills as a team were tested in a new way. Lastly, our team day ended with an amazing dinner at Mash. By combining social activities and challenging experiences our team day was a great success.

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