Girlfriend Collective is a sustainable activewear brand. Girlfriend believes you don’t have to sacrifice the Earth for great quality and performance. Since the day we launched in 2016, we’ve been committed to creating the best activewear by upcycling the world’s waste like post-consumer water bottles and discarded fishing nets. All of our pieces are designed to fit a variety of body types in sizes XXS-6XL, because we know health and wellness come in many shapes and sizes.

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All of our clothing is made from at least 79% recycled materials.

We carefully source our waste, like post-consumer water bottles, fishing nets, and cotton linter, from carefully chosen partners.

Sacrificing the people who make your clothes shouldn’t be industry standard, and will never be ours.

All Girlfriend Collective pieces are cut and sewn in SA8000 or WRAP-certified factories that guarantee fair and livable wages, a safe and healthy workplace, and no forced or child labor ever.

We also make regular visits throughout the year to our factories to ensure ethical production and say hello.

All of our pieces are dyed using OEKO and Bluesign- certified dyes, and any water used is thoroughly cleaned and cooled before it is released.

Every single drop of water used to dye our fabric is sent to a wastewater treatment plant 100 feet away from the machines.

Any dye mud resulting from the process is sent to a pavement facility to be recycled into paving stones.