Sharing is caring hold a powerful and important meaning for us. To show that you care for someone, you can express it through the act of sharing. For instance, to give something to someone who is in need. In other words, it simply means looking after and caring for each other. It is important for us at SUSTINANDFRIENDS to share and care. When you give something good to someone, they will feel seen and supported. It affects people in a loving way. It is a wonderful experience to share and care for others. We believe in sharing something with someone is equal to caring for them. 

Women's shelter

We care for everyone and we believe everyone deserves a place for support and protection. Supporting women in need lies close to our hearts. Women's shelters help the individuals to escape from violence of all forms. In other words, is a place of protection as they choose how to move forward.

The ability to escape is valuable for women subjected to violence at home. For instance, such situations can involve an imbalance of power and financial options. Shelters help women gain resources to create a new life. Therefore we have donated Girlfriend Collective to shelters for abused women. To support these women in need and share what we love.

Bao Loc Hospital, Vietnam

This year we decided to support the Bao Loc Hospital in Vietnam. Vietnam is the home country of the production of Girlfriend Collective. Bao Loc is a local hospital that lacks basic equipment for their patients. With COVID-19 at a new ultimate high, they are in special need for support and care.

The lack of healthcare equipment has a crucial influence on helping and monitoring the patients. Bao Loc is under stressful conditions. Therefore, we decided to help Bao Loc Hospital.

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