Conscious Bags

Urban, functional, responsible, and conscious bags for everyday life.

Diverse Design

Every collection is carefully made in collaboration with a new designer.

Carry Kindness

To encourage a kinder and more accepting world for the people and the planet.


The Danish brand Kintobe are founded in the streets of Copenhagen. Kintobe are making sustainable, urban, and functional bags for everyday life in the city. These bags are made for you, who are out in the streets. For instance, you are shopping, commuting, or exploring a new neighborhood. Kintobe want to encourage a kinder and more accepting world. Bags enable us to get around, be curious, and explore new cultures and people. With the ambition to be the best in conscious trends and set a new standard for sustainable bags.

We at SUSTINANDFRIENDS share the same values and the obligation to pursue environmental and social sustainability. The brand are striving to be sincerely sustainable and radically transparent in all processes. This involves all processes in the value chain. Such as sourcing, producing, and transporting. Above all, existing in the most considerate and mindful way possible. Being transparent in all actions is an important aspect of their brand identity. 


The design philosophy is based on the concept of diversity makes us stronger. Diversity challenges the status-quo. Kintobe pursue to incorporate this philosophy into every action they take. As a result, Kintobe collaborates with a new designer for every collection. Most importantly, to interpret the brand in the best and most diverse way possible. Also, to ensure that the brand reflects a broad spectrum of people and personalities.

The approach is to use sustainable materials, in every single item and material used. Above all, every recycled material used in a bag can be traced back to where it was found. All suppliers are certified and verified all the way through the production chain. Kintobe have a pledge to make every new collection more sustainable than the previous. As a result, Kintobe keep evolving and finding new innovative methods. In order to improve design processes and collection. In addition, to improve actions in the value chain. This also involves their sourcing and production methods. Kintobe are taking a huge leap by insisting to be better, in every step they take.


Kintobe is formed on the concept of carrying kindness. Kindness towards our fellow human beings and to our beloved earth. Sustainability is not only about taking good care of our beloved earth. For instance, it is also about caring for and being open towards the people. In other words, to care for the people we share our planet with. Above all, by carrying kindness together, Kintobe believe we can solve the challenges our world is facing.

Together with Kintobe, we believe kindness is the answer to everything. We share the values of kindness with the commitment to encourage a kinder world. For instance, more openness, kindness, and human connection. Kintobe also started a community of kindness, to celebrate people who carry kindness in different ways. A community of people who work to spread diversity, acceptance, and sustainable practices. In other words, to inspire and challenge others to be more inclusive, accepting, and green. Our journey of carrying kindness feels great and important. You can join our ride and spread more kindness with Kintobe. 


Sutinandfriends bluesign sustainable certifcate Kintobe Girlfriend Girlfriend Collective
Sutinandfriends bluesign sustainable certifcate Kintobe
Sutinandfriends Global Cycle Standard textile sustainability certificate Girlfriend Collective Kintobe

Let's work together!

We at SUSTINANDFRIENDS are honored to represent the Danish brand Kintobe. You can join our ride and share the concept of diversity makes us stronger. In fact, we are always looking for new amazing friends, who will join our journey to influence and care for each other. Most importantly, you can also share the values of environmental and social sustainability. The conscious bags from Kintobe can be used everyday and all the time. For instance, when you are dressing up for a party or catching the bus on your way to work. In other words, you can wear the Kintobe bags for your everyday life and even as fashionable daily wear. Moreover, every collection is made with such care and thought for everyone, that you will wear it over and over again.

You know the amazing feeling of wearing products, that both look stunning. But also feel amazing in the aspect of environmental ethics. Therefore, our collections from Kintobe are carefully choosen, to accommodate all of our lovely customers. We value the concept of carrying kindness. And we know, that feeling amazing and responsible for the environment looks good on everyone. In short, all our products from Kintobe can be used all year round, because of the timeless and aesthetic designs. Sustainable bags from Kintobe both looks stunning and make you feel amazing.

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