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50000 +
Recycled water bottles
500000 lbs
CO2 prevented
5000000 gal
Saved water
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Girlfriend COLLECTIVE impact

Girlfriend Collective believes that good things come to those who don’t waste them. The main focus is not the profit but the planet: “We believe that together we can change the world”. By choosing Girlfriend, you take a stand in the environmental problems threatening the earth and the humanity. In this way, you help divert waste and trash. It feels good to support your earth and the ethical environment.

The brand Girlfriend Collective was founded in 2016, Seattle. Moreover, Girlfriend Collective has since grown into a big community with customers from all over the world. Every style from Girlfriend Collective is carefully designed with a focus on time and care. All actions from raw material to the end product is throughtfully processed. With the purpose of creating conscious and beautiful styles to wear all the time. You know the amazing feeling of wearing your favorite items, right?


Slow fashion is an awareness of the environment and an approach to slow fashion. Girlfriend Collective supports slow fashion in every detail. All styles are produced in limited quantities. One way to minimize overproduction is through the way of launching colors, for instance. This involves Essential Colors and Seasonal Colors. Essential colors are available all year round. Furthermore, the Seasonal collections are Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. These are some of the most important initiatives to avoid overproduction and minimize pollution.

In the same vein, the concept of slow fashion also involves careful source waste. Such as, post-consumer water bottles, fishing nets, and textile waste. Above all, Girlfriend Collection styles are based on recycled materials made from carefully chosen partners and facilities. Recycled water bottles are turned into leggings and bras. The compressive leggings and bras are made from 79% recycled polyester and 21% spandex. 25 recycled post-consumer water bottles are made into leggings. 11 plastic bottles from waste are made to a bra.

Ethical activewear

Ethical manufacturing and recycling are something Girlfriend Collective really believes in. In other words: “old water bottles and fishing nets look better on you than they do clogging landfills and polluting oceans”. As a result of the ethical values, all styles from Girlfriend Collective are made from at least 79% recycled materials.

Girlfriend Collective is based on a transparent model with the purpose of showing everything. They share information about every part of their process, from raw materials to partners. Therefore, it is an important value to take good care of the people who produce the products. Above all, Girlfriend Collective wants to take a stand, in relation to environmental and human ethics. In conclusion, Girlfriend wants to take good care of everyone and our beloved earth.  


Sutinandfriends bluesign sustainable certifcate Kintobe Girlfriend Girlfriend Collective
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SA8000 certificate for sustainability certificate
Sutinandfriends Global Cycle Standard textile sustainability certificate Girlfriend Collective Kintobe

Let's work together!

We at SUSTINANDFRIENDS have been the proud distributor of Girlfriend Collective since 2019. You can join our journey and support the concept of slow fashion. Therefore, we are always looking for new amazing customers, who will join our journey to spread positivity and care. Most importantly, you can join the values of recycling and sustainability. The sustainable activewear from Girlfriend Collective can be used for all occasions both relaxing on the couch or for yoga classes. You can also use the products for working out or even as fashionable everyday wear, for instance. Every design and style is made with care and time. Moreover, every style is so beautiful and amazing to wear, that you will wear it over and over again.
Everyone knows the amazing feeling of wearing those favorite pieces. Therefore, our assortment from Girlfriend Collective is carefully picked out, to accommodate all of our lovely customers and girlfriends. We value the times of feeling good. And we know, that feeling happy and healthy comes in many shapes, colors, and sizes. All sizes from XXS-6XL are in stock. In short, all our styles from Girlfriend Collective can be used all year round, because of the timeless and simple designs. Activewear from Girlfriend Collective is so flexible and adaptable. You simply want to wear them every day and all the time.

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