Equiptment & Training

Carefully crafted products that activate our senses in the yoga practice and training.

Yoga Universe

A community and yoga universe for beginners and advanced practitioners.

Nature Care

All processes are handled with care for people and our beloved nature.


GOYOGI represents high quality, authenticity, and professionally made yoga equipment. The brand also stands for community, in a yoga universe, which we are proud to represent. When you choose GOYOGI, you become part of a larger community and mission. To spread the good vibes around others. For Instance, to create more awareness about the beneficial effects of yoga. Yoga is good for the body and for mental health. GOYOGI produce quality equipment for every yogi and yogini. Therefore, everyone has the opportunity for the best experience.

We at SUSTINANDFRIENDS share the same values of care and community, including taking care of each other and our beloved planet. GOYOGI pursues to support and create even better conditions for your yoga practice. In other words, to unleash your potential and enjoy the full benefits of yoga. GOYOGI guarantees the right products for you – no matter if you are an experienced yogi or a beginner. GOYOGI guarantee the right products for you GOYOGI guarantee the right products for you.
Quality, Durability, and design

All GOYOGI products are developed with quality and sustainability in mind. Durability, strength, and good materials are the alpha and omega in the development of new collections. GOYOGI can provide products that last. For instance, high-quality yoga equipment that supports your yoga practice. In addition, products that will last for the next many years. It is sustainable in our optics. Therefore, all equipment and yoga products will fall under the movement of slow fashion.

This concept focuses on quality, good design and durability. With a belief that everything is connected in a circle. This is also why GOYOGI’s meditation pillows are created in monochrome and nature-inspired colors. With an eye for the Nordic design tradition. The yoga pillows must fit naturally into your home with a functional, modern, and minimalistic design


GOYOGI constantly strive to be in growth with a focus on creating new and better products. As a result, their collections are of the highest quality. GOYOGI is constantly on the move for new exciting yoga equiptment. They strive to keep creating new ideas in sustainable materials. Even new production methods and trends for better actions and mindful processes.

GOYOGI is on an exciting journey. Every step is taken with intent, dedication, and love for what they do. They are always looking for new, exciting paths to follow and explore. Just like in yoga, they are on a journey more than trying to reach a specific goal. The entire journey involves aesthetics, function, durability, and sustainability. In addition, quality and responsibility for the world. We are proud to present GOYOGI as one of our beloved brands.


Let's work together!

We at SUSTINANDFRIENDS are proud distributors of GOYOGI. You can join our exciting journey and support the concept of conscious fashion. For instance, we are always looking for new amazing customers. Who will join us to spread care and mindfulness. Certainly, you can join the ride of being conscious in our actions. The yoga equipment from GOYOGI are made with care and thought. Also, the products can be used for all occasions both yoga practices and relaxing meditation. In addition, you can also use the yoga equipment for working out. Above all, every product is carefully selected and personally tested. Moreover, every product is so beautiful and amazing for your body, that you will use it all the time.

Everyone knows the amazing feeling of a supported body and mind. Therefore, our products from GOYOGI are selected, to accommodate all of our lovely customers and friends. GOYOGI value feeling of the body and mind. Monst importantly, the feeling of being happy and healthy is essential for everyone. In addition, all our equipment from GOYOGI can be used all year round and last for many years to come. You simply want to use them every day.

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