Since the Covid situation had made us stay at home for a long time, we were anxious to be in the same room again and socialize a bit. That is why we decided it was about time for us to relax, have some fun, chatting about everything and nothing. And to dig deeper into our creative hearts. So, we met at Lisa’s house after work, to create some team-spirit during lockdown. Therefore, we arranged the workshop “paint your own pottery”. Establishing a break from the daily challenges of the working life during lockdown is vital in ensuring good team vibes. This event involved encouraging the team members to get free with each other, being creative, and making jokes. The workshop enabled some real-time conversations and great creativity. How we just love hanging out on a cozy Friday night socializing again!  

Let's get creative!

Maya got this great idea to paint on cups as the event for the evening. Such a funny idea to do something different together. And yes! As you can probably see in the pictures, we couldn’t let go of it. Deep concentration from all of us. This creative mission was easier to some of us, while some painted just until goodnight time.

Mixing and matching colors, “playing” as a child, designing our own special cup, was such a good idea and biggest recommendations from us to you, if you think about a theme for your next event.

Diversity is the key!

Being in a great and motivated team depends on a lot of different factors. Besides our exciting and busy working days, being together outside of the office is just as important. And it is a really important thing for us to get to know each other in a new way and with other surroundings than a business office.

As shown above the beautiful result shows diversity in our Team. Therefore or team-spirit during lockdown night was a great succes! We are looking forward to a lot more funny and cozy moments in the future. Both boosting the team spirit, but also crating great memories with our lovely customers. 

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